Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan

Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan

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Master of Business Administration - International Business & Entrepreneurship
Master Thesis EFO705 - Thesis Group 2019
Study Terms 2007-2008
School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology
Malardalens University
Vasteras, Sweden.

Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan!

Muhammad Kashif Omer Malik
Tutor: Leif Linnskog
Date: 01 Sep 2008

Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan


01 September 2008


Muhammad Kashif Omer Malik
Qilah Lachman Sing, Ravi Road,
Lahore, Pakistan.


Master level thesis in Business Administration (15 ECTS)


Marketing Communication of Pepsi and Coca Cola in Pakistan


Leif Linnskog


How the marketing communication of Pepsi cola and Coca cola is seen in
Pakistan and how come the strong position of Pepsi cola?


The research is done basically on the qualitative format in which some facts and
figures are used for the support of the central issue of research. The data was
collected by approaching different sources including primary and secondary styles.


The purpose of this research is expose the facts of the appearance of both Pepsi
and Coca Cola in Pakistan in terms of marketing communication. This research is
mainly based on the marketing communication in which the purpose is to expose
the either company’s marketing communication on the media and contribute the
matter to the fact of Pepsi cola’s strong position.

Research Crux

The appearance can be better in seen in the physical manner and the marketing
communication is the best possible activity for the companies to be apparent to
others. Marketing communication in fact cover many aspects as it expose the
products as well which can be seen by the public.


Pepsi seems stronger in all of the contributed parts...

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