Marketing Communication Plan of Best One

Marketing Communication Plan of Best One

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1. Introduction

This marketing communication plan of Best One will talk about issues such as mass media advertising, media message and strategy, media planning, budgeting and also measurement and evaluation. All these issues will be discussed in depth and by following closely will ensure that Best One’s strategies link closely to the objectives and also to the targeted audience which are young adults located in Singapore.

2. Marketing Communication Strategy

Table 1: Marketing Communication Function and Media Usage

|Extent of Media Usage by Major MC Function |
|Function |TV |Radio |Newspaper |Magazine |Outdoor |
|Advertising |XXX |XX |XXX |XXX |XXX |
|Publicity |XXX |XX |XXX |XXX | |
|Sales Promotion |X |X |X |XX | |
|Events |XX |XX |X |X |X |
|Direct Response |XX |X |X |XX | |
|Sponsorship |XX |X | |XX |X |
|Personal Selling | | | | | |

The number of X’s represents to what extent each MC function makes use of each medium. XXX= frequently used, XX= Occasionally, X= rarely used.

2.1 Mass media advertising
Advertising is a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade (Seminik, 2002). Mass media advertising involves mediums such as...

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