Marketing - essay

Marketing - essay

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Marketing is an increasingly attractive topic in firms and in academic research.

When I was a freshman, I found a part-time job in an English training institution. After filling the form, I was interviewed with another three students. Except the introduction part, there was only one question for us, that is what is marketing. I was confused. Luckily, I was not the first one to answer. And a boy said," Marketing is not selling. Marketing is to attract customers to buy, which will influence selling directly. It is to arouse customers' willing to buy." So, that is the whole view I hold before this course. Marketing is kind of strategy for selling, a branch of selling. Besides this concept, I hold an opinion that marketing is promotion from customer's view. That is what I found in the daily life in the supermarkets, in the shopping malls, where we can easily find the big logo "50% sales".

However,From this course, the most value for me is that I observe marketing from an firm's perspective, which lead me to study market more actively, not only accept the marketing strategies passively. And after the course, I find marketing is even a higher level above selling. It's a process leading the whole firm to produce, to administrate, to sell. And the object being marketed is not only a product, but also an organization, a person, information, service, a place, an experience, a event, a right, and a concept. For example, Chen Ou, the CEO of JUMEI.COM, become the spokesman for JUMEI.COM himself. Why does not he invite a famous and popular actor as most companies do? Before the course, I may be attracted and moved by his own honesty attitude, charming experience and the JUMEI.COM legend, but never think of the great effect behind the overwhelming advertisement. However, now, I treat it as a marketing strategy. Chen Ou is marketing himself, showing his great charming characteristic to persuade people that JUMEI.COM is holding his honest company culture...

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