Marketing Management Hot Dogs

Marketing Management Hot Dogs

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Marketing Management

Implementation of a “Guerilla Marketing” Campaign

Picante Hot dogs


Due date: January 19th, 2009

In our presentation we have introduced our PICANTE DOGS in this report we aim to analyze the introduction of a new product range of spicy hot dogs, because we believe that there is an undeveloped market niche.
The hot dog is not a new product. In its existing form it has been introduced in the late 15th century (Appendix A). Since it is a product that is well in its maturity stage (Appendix B), we are trying to develop and introduce a new breakaway positioning strategy from its existing form. As a “pilot” we intend to initially target the Cyprus market.

Our PICANTE DOGS product range will consist of different recipes that will add a spicy taste to the traditional hot dog. Our aim is to launch the product range initially with five new spicy recipes. As our product will not be just an ordinary hot dog, we have chosen the name PICANTE to brand our product because it emphasizes its “spiciness”, as described below.
Market research* has been conducted to identify ingredients that prospective customers would prefer in a spicy hotdog, thus we have employed a consultant chef to create tasty recipes based on the results of our initial market research. However, in the process we will have the flexibility to alter our product range, to add or remove products based on demand. To ensure the quality and freshness of our products we will use the process of quick freeze and vacuum packaging.
Since we are pioneers in the production of spicy hot dogs, we are aware that the results of our market research may be inadequate, but in order to make our product range a success we must engage in trial and error. We aspire to introduce a new breakaway strategy creating a new market niche and not merely compete with existing hot dog producers. Our goal is to create new value for existing hot dog customers and...

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