Marketing Mix, Ipod

Marketing Mix, Ipod

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Marketing Mix, Ipod
...competitor struggles with a mere 3% of the market.

With a simple-to-use operating system that is truly intuitive, and small ear-bud headphones that could be considered the best on the market, the iPod is far and away not only the market leader but also the market favorite.

Apple doesn't win because it has a product that no one can copy. Indeed, Dell's DJ, Creative's RIO and other MP3 players are arguably very similar in features. Industry watchers also see a challenge to the iPod's dominance with cellular phones that play MP3 files.

While competitive devices swarm into the marketplace, Apple will keep winning in the marketplace because the iPod captures our imagination. It brings the universality of music into a compact device that's so easy to use the owner's manual can be thrown in the trash. This year alone, according to the Apple Insider, Apple is challenging its retailers to move over 100,000 iPods a week!

Two simple examples, the Paper Pro Stapler and the red-hot iPod, prove that Product can still win in the marketplace.


Love him or hate him, there's probably no one on the planet better at promotion than Donald Trump. Whether it's blatant and shameless self-promotion, or promotion for his hotels, casinos or golf courses, Trump has mastered the art of public relations, branding and personal selling.

If you ever visit New York City, you can't get away from Trump. As you tour the city you'll run into Trump Tower, Trump Park Avenue and Trump World Tower, just to name a few.

Every Trump property has his name prominently displayed branded, if you will on the front of every building. Taxi cabs across NYC show the face of Trump and his NBC television show, "The Apprentice."

Even if you don't tour NYC, Trump's...

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