Marketing Mix Jack Wolfskin

Marketing Mix Jack Wolfskin

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Coventry University – Business School

M01SEM Marketing and Sponsorship
in Sports and Events

Marketing report about
Jack Wolfskin
GmbH & Co KGaA

Senior lecturer: | Mr Bal Samra |
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From: | Daniela Gantenbrink |
| Gordon Street 1a-c |
| Coventry CV1 3ES |
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| Coventry, 14.03.2013 |


I Introduction 4
II Marketing Mix Strategies 5
1. Product 5
2. Price 9
3. Place 12
4. Promotion 14
II SWOT Analysis 17


Tabelle 1 Ansoff-Matrix 6
Tabelle 2 Price-Quality-Matrix 10
Tabelle 3 Jack Wofskin's Price-Quality-Matrix 11

I Introduction

Jack Wolfskin is a German outdoor company, which is owned by the American company Blackstone. It produces apparel, footwear and equipment for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and mountain-biking. After a difficult period in 2012, during this the company was without CEO and the number of sales heavily decreased, the most popular outdoor provider in Germany is fighting for new success. (Amann 2013) While the German market is stagnating, Jack Wolfskin is expanding in markets like Russia and China. This demonstrates that the company is changing its strategy to broaden the success it has already had in Germany. (Rehm 2012)

In the following report I would like to illustrate the marketing strategy of Jack Wolfskin in the German Market. First I will present the marketing mix by describing the; product, pricing, place and promotion strategies of the company while focusing on the product range of Softshell jackets women.

The second passage of this report will give an overview about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by presenting a SWOT analysis.

II Marketing Mix Strategies

In this chapter the marketing mix strategies of Jack Wolfskin are demonstrated. “The marketing mix is the set of controllable, tactical...

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