Marketing Mix of Burger King

Marketing Mix of Burger King

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III. Executive Summary

This paper aims to explore the marketing mix of Burger King and create some recommendations in order for the company to make use of its marketing mix to its advantage.

The marketing mix of the company is traced through research with the mostly secondary data, and some primary data in order to gather facts and provide for the analysis. However, due to limitations such as access to hard market data through formal quantitative and qualitative researches, the analysis may not be the most accurate representation of the market. This limits the analysis to most market data available from secondary sources.

After the marketing mix has been determined, the applicability of the marketing planning process to the company’s operation is described. This will benefit the company in the strategic sense in order for it to either secure or push to a higher position.

Finally, recommendations have been made in order to provide the company some options in order to facilitate growth by changing the combination of the elements in the marketing mix, and create a competitive advantage tailored to its chosen target market.

IV. Body
A. Methodology

The scope of this business report is to describe the marketing mix of the company Burger King from primary and secondary resources in order to make an accurate analysis for their marketing planning process. By knowing the current marketing mix of the company, recommendations can be provided in order to boost growth for the company by manipulating the marketing mix.

This report is conducted by utilizing the available resources that could provide information about Burger King such as television advertisements, print advertisements, press releases, company annual report, and articles from major business periodicals. However, due to certain limitation such as access to primary data such as surveys, focus group discussions and observational research, the report does not reflect the most accurate...

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