Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

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Marketing mix is enterprise in selected target market, they are integrated consider factors that can be controlled by themselves and use the best combination to complete enterprise’s aim and tasks. Marketing mix is an important part of component of marketing strategic, it is enterprise form a holistic marketing activities who controllable the basic marketing strategic. The main purpose of marketing is to satisfy consumer needs, but consumer needs is unlimited, in order to satisfy consumer needs to be taken by many measures. Therefore, when enterprises carry out marketing activities, they have to hold that basic strategy, reasonable combination, and fill exertion the overall advantages and effect. In 1950, Jerome McCarthy made the famous 4P mix: product, price, promotion and place. McCarthy believes that the enterprise engaged in marketing activities, they need to consider their various external business environments, on the other hand it is formulate a marketing mix strategy, through the implementation of strategies, adapt environment, to satisfy the needs of the target market and achieve business goals. In this essay we choose two components of the marketing mix are Product & Price, Promotion & Place to analysis the company addresses these and incorporates them into its marketing approach (Wiki mba 2008).

The company use marketing mix strategy

There are two types affect enterprise marketing, one is external environment bring opportunities and threats to enterprise, it is difficult to change by enterprise. Another is enterprise can be controlled through strategy by themselves. Enterprise can control factors can be summarized in the following four points:
Product: Focus on the development of functional for unique selling point products, the function of the product demands in first place. Product strategies include product development, product planning, product design, date of delivery, etc. the impact of factors include product of...

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