Marketing Paper: Sales Promotion Paper

Marketing Paper: Sales Promotion Paper

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Sales Promotion Paper
MKT 230
July 2, 2010

Marketing can make or break a company or product line that is being introduced or reintroduced into a market. The world of sales is therefore primarily customer driven which focuses on the many levels of sales promotion, customer interaction and underlying profits. In promoting an idea and product line, marketing companies often push the limit on their creative ideas which may or may not prove profitable. For example, Georgi vodka an alcoholic beverage has been marketing their advertisements on New York city buses, however on very religious community has mounted a protest against the racy Advertisements which display scantly clad women caressing the alcoholic bottle bearing Georgi’s name. Because of this commercial gamble, Georgi is facing negative press which could ultimately affect sales and their image. Regardless of this incident it is noted that as the world evolves so too would the commercials and the advertising techniques. Today the sales promotions have evolved into the following classifications which I will further discuss, these classes are discounts and deals, increasing industry visibility, price based consumer sales promotions and lastly, attention-getting consumer sales promotions.

Discounts and deals is a marketing technique used to draw customers into a store based on an advertised deal such as buy one get one free given a certain time frame. Bath and Body Works is a franchise that loves to offer this kind of marketing technique only they ask that you purchase three or four and get the next item for free, this increases their profit and allows the company to move more product because individuals are purchasing larger quantities at a time. Further, B&B follower such as myself look forward to these deals because the product line is an item that depletes quickly which makes this type of marketing strategy work for Bath and Body Work because customers love being able to purchase their...

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