Marketing Plan Accelerade Sports Drink

Marketing Plan Accelerade Sports Drink

Market Review

Sports drinks market has spread from athlete drink to the mainstream as refreshing beverage.

Consumers are switching their attention towards juices, water and sports drink due to health and beverage issues. People are more towards health and wellness and avoid soft drinks now.

In the Canadian sports drink market, Pepsi’s Gatorade has 80% market share, CocaCola’s PowerAde has 15% market share while other players has only 5% market share.

Gatorade pioneered the sports drink market and now dominates the market and .Gatorade positions itself as scientifically formulated which quenches thirst, replace fluids and electrolytes and provides carbohydrate energy to enhance athletic performance. It targets basically to footballers, hockey and football. With all this, Gatorade has also established itself as a mainstream refreshment beverage.

PowerAde also claims to quenching thirst, replacing fluids and electrolytes and providing carbohydrate energy to enhance athletic performance but hasn’t been able to establish itself as major threat to Gatorade.

Since Schweppes is the third biggest competitor in the beverage market it should also give consideration to the beverages other than the sports drink.

The Health Canada has been very cautious over the safety of the people consuming energy drinks and keeps an eye on the use and also vows to take appropriate measures in this regard. It regulates this industry through Natural Health Products Regulations.

The current recession has made the growth of the energy drink market a bit sluggish worldwide. No doubt, it still is the healthiest beverage sector where people have started spending less in the convenience stores they are also buying the sports drink or energy drink less frequently.

Competitor’s Analysis (Market share)

Gatorade 80%
Powerade (CocaCola) 15%
Other & Private Label 5%

Target Market
Serious athletes that desires peak athletic performance and who understands the...

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