Marketing Plan for Business

Marketing Plan for Business

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Executive summary
The things that will be discussed is the internal and external market analysis, product analysis, competitive analysis, identifying target market and developing marketing strategies

Market analysis:
Includes It is situated within Australia, the production methods they use is that they sell directly to the consumers, they have many employees. Its product quality is much better than the overseas models and the competitors.
Great Brand name, nationally recognised, sponsors sporting clubs to spread their brand name.
The global trading situation is that things can be transported overseas for a cheaper price.
The general economy is good as the Australian dollar is high which means that it is cheaper to import things like other computer parts to save things but when exporting to other countries it is a lot more expensive
Product analysis
Issues relating to the product is that it sells directly to the consumers. At present he has 5% market share and is looking to increase this to 10%. It is a highly competitive industry with greater competition coming in from cheap production countries such as china. His product quality is much better but his price is also higher. In the product lifecycle it is in the growth stage which means it is going to counter problems such as cash flow problems, competition
Competitor analysis
Its competition is against dell- because they sell online; Apple- world recognised brand, logo reputation, and the global distribution network.
Identifying target markets
•Demographics – for all ages male and female, you can use it at school, work
•Geographic – all over Australia/ the world
•Psychographic – consumer behaviour, like using it for leisure, social factors such as Facebook, MSN, Twitter, MySpace

Businesses then target the particular group they wish to sell to. There are five types of marketing strategies:
•Undifferentiated marketing- market coverage strategy whereby a company...

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