Marketing Plan for Mcbride Finanacial Services

Marketing Plan for Mcbride Finanacial Services

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Marketing Plan for McBride Financial Services
Jay Cessor
University of Phoenix

Marketing Plan for McBride Financial Services
Any marketing plan would have to begin with good information. There is no way to create any marketing plan without information to work with. Information gathering being as difficult as it is should be lead by a small group of people to ensure all of the data can be analyzed easily. Secondly using an outside group could help immensely, as companies made for gathering and analyzing marketing data could be extremely beneficial to the first stage of a marketing plan.
In order to process information effectively a database would have to be put together and maintained. There should be an intelligence gathering group getting information on competitors, and there should be a big push into standard market research.
A proper database is the backbone of any company, in the information age, information is a weapon. The database should include what services are offered, and any customer trends that McBride Financial Services is aware of. It would be nice to have more information, but this is the absolute minimum that can be had. It would be good to catalog past customer experiences, how they came across McBride and what loyalty they have to McBride.
Intelligence gathering should at least include competitor pricing, current marketing trends, and customer satisfaction reports, a little dumpster diving, as long as it is not caught, cannot hurt. In today's economy it is difficult for many customers to see around price, if all of the prices are the same than brand will usually win out. By ensuring that McBride is offering a slightly lower price than its competition can give it an edge. Finding out the marketing trends of its competitors can ensure that it wastes no money in finding the competitions customers. Dumpster diving, there is little that can be said about...

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