marketing plan simple

marketing plan simple

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Marketing Plan
This is an abbreviated version of a marketing plan for
a fictitious firm, CloudCab Small Jet Taxi Service.
This appendix is designed to walk you through the
main steps of marketing planning. The idea is to
provide you with an example early in the course so
you will have a better understanding throughout the
chapters of how the pieces of a marketing plan come
together. Chapter 2 is devoted to the topic of marketing planning, providing a marketing plan framework
and explaining the parts. That framework is used to
develop this abbreviated example. Note that in practice most marketing plans contain more depth of detail
than is provided here. Also, remember that each chapter ends with a Marketing Plan Exercise designed to
guide you in applying the concepts from that chapter
to a marketing plan.

CloudCab seeks to provide solutions for the timeconscious traveler using quick, luxurious jet transportation. The small company was founded in 2002
by former pilot Travis Camp and is now poised to be
a first-mover into the California/Nevada/Arizona

market. CloudCab will provide an alternative to frustrating waits at the airport and long car rides at a fair
price for its customers.
CloudCab will use small, underutilized airports
and a new class of Very Light Jet to quickly and comfortably transport customers from one city to another.
Its customers will come primarily from businesses
needing quick, on-demand transportation. Initially,
CloudCab will not face much direct competition, so
its biggest challenge will be to convince customers of
its benefits over more traditional products.

Macro-Level External Environment
Political and Legal
Like all companies using the skies, CloudCab is
subject to the rules set forth by the Federal Aviation
Administration and other regulatory bodies. Fortunately, smaller jets...

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