Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

IMC Plan

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Increasing Ecommerce


Integrated Marketing & Communications Plan for Increasing Ecommerce
Mr Duken after careful review of Dick’s Sporting Goods current market position and strengths we feel we have developed an IMC plan that will continue Dick’s strong in-store retail leadership in the sporting goods industry but most importantly will take greater advantage of the opportunities in the ecommerce sector. Dick’s Sporting Goods currently is the industry leader in the in-store sporting goods retail market place, however as more and more households get online a stronger focus must be placed on ecommerce. To gain a larger market share in the ecommerce sector we have developed an IMC plan that will drive business to the online store. First we must tear down and rebuild the current to create a more modern and user-friendly online shopping experience. We will also create a Dick’s Sporting Goods membership rewards program that will allow us to catalog and track customers’ buying preferences and history, which will allow us to develop highly targeted and effective direct marketing and will also enable us to reward our most loyal customers. To raise awareness of the new website and membership program we will offer a sweepstakes to win tickets to the next Super Bowl, sign up for the sweepstakes will be through the aforementioned website, driving traffic to the new online store. This sweepstakes will generate inexpensive and effective public relations opportunities. We will take advantage of the surge of social media marketing to get out message out and we will implement a CRM program to reward the most loyal customers. Finally we will also offer more traditional advertising as always, being sure to incorporate more mentions and demonstrations of the new online store. This IMC plan will allow Dick’s Sporting Goods to continue its in store leadership...

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