Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
Group 11

Product 1 Specialists:
Product 2 Specialists:


March 11, 201

Table of Contents
Company Situation Analysis 4
Company Description 4
Market Summary 5
Product 1 7
Product 1 Environmental Scan 7
Competitive Analysis 8
Key Differentiator 10
Product 1 Marketing Strategy 10
Marketing Objectives 10
Financial Objectives 10
Target Markets 11
Marketing Mix 12
Product 1 Appendices 14
Product 2 22
Product 2 Environmental Scan 22
PEST: 22
Competitive Analysis 22
Key Differentiator 25
Product 2 Marketing Strategy 25
Marketing Objectives 25
Financial Objectives 25
Target Markets 25
Marketing Mix 26
Product 2 Appendices 29
Conclusion 37
Overall Financial Analysis 37
Statement of Direction 37
Company Specific Appendices 38

Company Situation Analysis

Company Description

Our company sells 2 different products. Product 1 is a basic product that sits in a product category that has been around for years. Consumers are familiar with the product and its use. Consumers have no strong brand preference and put little effort into comparing options before purchasing. Prices and profit margins have been slipping. Our company uses price discrimination to market our product to the 3 different regions we sell our products to. Product 2 was a product that was recently introduced to the market and most consumers were unfamiliar with this product at the time of release. Consumers carefully consider the elements of the product (quality, price, features etc.) when purchasing this product. The production cost for this product is $27 and it is sold to retailers for $69, making for a margin of $42.

Since our management took over we have sold product 1 and 2 in all three regions of Mavlandia. Our financial results during our first year have been satisfactory but can be improved. Income statements for product 1, product 2 and our combined operations can be...

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