Marketing report on abbot baby powder

Marketing report on abbot baby powder

Abbott PediaSure Complete is a nutrition supplement in milk powder form specially designed for children with picky eating habit. It contains at least 27 vitamins and minerals that have been proven to facilitate the growth of the children, strength the immune system and help develop a better digestive system.
By targeting a market segment and defining marketing communications objectives, PediaSure Complete are introduced to the target audience through a series of MARCOM mix.

Target market
The target segmentation for PediaSure Complete is those parents having children with picky eating issue at the age of 1 to 10.
The product targets households with monthly income level of 30K or above who could afford to pay extra money to purchase nutrition supplement.
Parents with tertiary education level are the potential customers as they understand the importance of proper nutrition to their children.
‘Monster parents’ nowadays concern about the academic results of their children. One of the selling points of PediaSure Complete is to help facilitate the development and improve the learning process of children. Parents who are health-conscious will be certainly satisfied with the product.

Product’s positioning strategy
Positioning is the perception created in the consumers’ mind regarding the nature of a company and its products relative to the competitors. It determines how the product is perceived by customers and its standing relative to the competition.
A perceptual map of milk powder market in Hong Kong with portability and accessibility as attributes is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 Perceptual map of milk powder market in Hong Kong
With regard to portability, apart from the traditional can of 900g, Abbott PediaSure is the only brand in the market offering a bottle size of 8 fl-ozs. It is easy to carry and allows instant consumption. PediaSure provides the highest portability among the 4 brands of milk powder....

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