marketing research

marketing research

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Executive Summary
Baskin Robin is the global chain premium Ice-cream which has more than 6000 stores in 35 countries include Australia. This report present the result of the research on Baskin Robins from the exist and new customer
Company profile

Baskin robins is the global chain of premium ice-cream which found by Burt Baskin and Irv Robin in 1953. The company is the global largest ic-cream franchise with more than 6,000 stores in 35 countries include Australia

Baskin-Robbins Australia was operating on 1989. On June 14th 2013, Palm Oasis Ventures became the Master Franchisor of Baskin-Robbins™ Australia. Palm Oasis Ventures is a division of Galadari Brothers whom is the largest ice cream franchisor in the world owning and operating more than 600 ice cream stores.

Business objective
Buskin robin plan to become the Australia first choice for ice-cream. And also increasing the store and increase the brand awareness around Australia

The mission of Baskin robin is become and ‘ Australian first choice for Ice-cream”

Marketing opportunity investigation process and finding

As the Detail of Market analyze for Baskin Robin, it can do the research about Consumer satisfaction on Baskin robins and it’s competitor by doing the survey and focus group

Research objectives
There are three main objectives for conducting this research.
1. The objective of this research is to identify the most important criteria effecting on the customers’ intention to purchase Baskin Robins
2. The research aims to determine the area of improvement for brand to increase customer’s intention to purchase and awareness.
3. The research helps Baskin Robin for increase more store and new market

Research design and data collection

This research consists of exploratory research and descriptive research. First, we conducted the exploratory research with 20 existing customers in order to gather introductory information especially the...

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