Marketing Strategies –Create a Charity Night or Event to Drive New Sales

Marketing Strategies –Create a Charity Night or Event to Drive New Sales

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Marketing Strategies –Create a Charity Night or Event to Drive New Sales
April 27th, 2011
Hosting charity nights, event night, and meetings with neighborhood local community teams, sports teams and charities is surely a quick method to generate new sales each and every week. The premise is basic, have a nearby group host a charity night, have their weekly meeting, or special event at the restaurant and you concur to donate back to the charity the location of the event, maybe offering food items(zingers or the nightly special ) and/or drinks to help with the event.
We’d attempt to get at least two of those per month or quarter in our restaurant. When you do a handful of these events, you should have generated enough word-of-mouth, that the marketing and advertising facet of this method will take care of itself and you will have groups coming to you personally. Here may be the step by step process we could use:

1) Local groups: research local charities, youth and substantial school activity groups, high school bands, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, neighborhood youth centers, golf clubs, bowling alleys, relay for life, and so on…Chances are you currently have customers from these groups already, and they may have already solicited the restaurant for donations or a venue to hold meetings or award ceremonies..

2) Make a sample flyer to show the teams or charity members. Groups may have to create and copy off their very own fliers as soon as they occur for the fundraiser or event. Include your business, address, and telephone number, date of the fundraiser or event.

3) The groups do all of the marketing for you. They will spend a few weeks ahead of the occasion handing out fliers to their members, family and friends. Also do not permit fliers to be handed out inside your business during the event. Remember you desire improvement in new revenue throughout the event which is going to be over your regular income objective for the evening.

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