China is blessed with one of the fastest growing sports apparel market in the world. The changing retail industry landscape, coupled with rising purchasing power and increasing influence of the Western culture have continuously supported the market growth in past few years. Despite unfavorable economic environment across the world, Chinese sports apparel market continued to post record growth. Moreover, according to our estimations, the sports apparel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% during 2009-2011. 

In our analysis, we have acknowledged several critical trends prevailing in the Chinese sports apparel market, which are determining the industry's current and future directions. As discussed in the report, sports apparel industry growth in China is largely driven by the growth of ladies wear segment. In 2008, the segment captured almost 29% of the overall sports apperal industry revenue share. It is anticipated that in coming years also, the ladies wear segment will continuously drive industry growth amid various factors examined and evaluated thoroughly in the report. 

The report categorizes the entire sports apparel sector into eight important segments: Casual wear, Men’s wear, Ladies wear, Children’s wear, Knitted undergarments, Leather wear, Woolen and Thermal wear, and Sportswear. The report has examined all the segments in detail and facilitates statistics and analysis on current market trends and developments. 

Apart from sports apparel industry prospects, the report also provides an overview on all prominent vertical industry segments including clothing market, textile machinery market, chemical fibers, non-wowen textiles, etc. In order to enable a balanced understanding of the market, a brief overview of the competitive landscape has also been added. 

“China Apparel Industry - New Opportunities for Growth” gives extensive research and in-depth analysis of the Chinese sports apparel market. It provides quantitative as well as...

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