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Marketing assignment 1

1. What is your global organization / companies name?

2. Describe the organization’s mission, vision, and values?
“To produce the highest quality handmade skis using only top grade materials while remaining innovative to meet the demand of the progressive sport.”
Montis's vision is to gain a good market share by increasing awareness for the brand. Once Montis has a good foothold in the market the company will explore options of moving into other aspects of the industry such as outerwear, goggles, and lifestyle clothing so that Montes provides every product a skier may require
Above all else Montis values quality when producing each pair of skis. This dedication to quality shows through in each and every step of the production process. Not only does Montis take the time to hand select top quality materials, the company also meticulously inspects the skis at various stages in the production cycle. This ensures that Montis customers receive only the best quality skis available.

3. Describe the organization’s products or services?
Montis produces three different ski lines : stock, semi-custom, and fully-custom. Models for powder, big mountain, all mountain / freeride, Park, and women’s specific will be available in each line. The stock ski line is produced using standard specifications and retail for around $700. Skis in the semi-custom line will retail for $1,200 and allow customers to customize the topsheet graphic and the flex pattern. Montis also offers the fully-custom ski, which gives the customer the ability to customize every aspect of the ski and will sell for $1,500.

4. Identify the organization’s primary industry?
The skiing industry is one that has been around for over a century. This industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the snow sports market place. According to SnowSports Industries America total visitation of ski resorts in the U.S. increased from 55.1 million...

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