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Marketing C212

April 2, 2016

PTandC Consulting, a safety consulting business that is on edge of the most current and up to date technology, specializes in providing business with ways to improve their work place safety with in the United States. PTandC Consulting is looking to reach out to current markets in the United Kingdom, a with this expansion, PTandC Consulting will be introducing two new products. The first product is database where companies in the United Kingdom will be able to keep any company safety reports, store accident and incident investigations, and any other safety analytics it deems necessary. The database will be a web based database that can be accessed anywhere one has the internet. With this capability business with be able to complete safety inspection, accident/incident reports, or even track safety violations in real time. With that, PTandC Consulting will offer tech support on a monthly subscription to keep the database up to date and make it customizable to meet the needs of business with in the United Kingdom.

A1.  New Products and Services  
·         Propose new 2 products or services the company can sell or offer to a global market. We strongly recommend students select one foreign country to focus their responses on.
o   Review: Marketing Chapter 1 “An Overview of Strategic Marketing”
§  Read the following supplemental article:  Defonseka, C. (2013). Marketing:
   The all important tool for a successful business. Canadian Manager, 38(2), 8-9.
§  Read the following supplemental article:  Queich, J. (2009). In Praise of Marketing. Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge.
§  View the following supplemental video:  “Fundamentals of Marketing Basics
    (Part 1)”.
o   Review:  Marketing Chapter 11 “Product Concepts”
§  Read the following supplemental article:  Matthews, A., David, F., & Aroy, J.

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