Marks and Spencers Industry Report

Marks and Spencers Industry Report

Fda Business Management


Marks & Spencer

Research Project

Word Count - 2800

Contents Page

Introduction 1

Background Information 2 - 3

Project Methodology 4

Findings/results 5 – 8

Project Review 9

Conclusions 9

Recommendations 10

Bibliography 11

Evaluation of own learning 12

1.0 - Introduction
The project I have chosen to look into is Marks & Spencer’s. The project involves 3 parts of the organization. This includes the Sales, profits and growth within the industry and how they can improve these within the organization.

The project is being conducted to develop practical knowledge and to understand theoretical aspects through planning and the design of a project based in a workplace.

The outcomes on completion of the project will be to: -
• be able to demonstrate knowledge of operational practices relating to project management, organizational behaviour and staff development
• analyze an organizational context taking in to account organizational objectives and evaluate the reliability and significance of information collected
• Apply theory to practice in order to generate solutions to a well-defined problem within the project.
• Demonstrate judgment in being able to choose and justify a solution to the problem posed using standard techniques and methods of practice
• Be self critical and reflective in extracting learning, knowledge and skills using the workplace as a learning environment.

2.0 - Background Information
Marks and Spencer is one of the most widely recognized chain stores in the UK and is the largest clothing retailer in the UK, As well as being a multi billion pound food retailer. Most of its shops sell both of these categories, it also has a third line of business selling home wares such as bed linen, but this is far smaller than the other two.

In 1998 it became the first British retailer...

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