Marks of a Lifetime

Marks of a Lifetime

Professor Guelcher
English 1010-014
September 10, 2010

Marks of a lifetime
Most children that grow up are brought up with a strict set of rules to keep society happy. To be specific, we are taught not to talk to strangers. As technology advanced, it was dont talk or meet with creepy old men on the internet. That being said, meeting a guy on the internet and driving close to 18 hours one way to meet him, would in itself cause most moms hair to turn gray and start contacting the local authorities amongst punishments and sleepless nights. To make things worst, we are taught that getting tattoos will ruin your life. And when I say ruin your life, I mean make your mom cry. And my adventure was just that, to drive with my friend to Denver and get a tattoo from a random guy we met over the enternet.

We met a guy online through Xbox that said he was tattooist, and that if we drove up to denver he would give us some discounted tattoos. And of course, us being the rebel 20 year olds intent on breaking moms hearts everywhere, we are trying to express ourselves and our rights of freedom, this guy just gave us hook line and sinker.
Now here are the problems with this plan. Having tattoos and knowing tattoos artist that range from experienced to un experienced, a red flag goes up when someone offers a cheap tattoo. So to shed some insight and try to blast away the worry swelling tumorous in brain I turn to Google to solve my problems. I get the name of the shop from the guy and head over to his website to find and look through his portfolio. There is none. The website consisted of a paragraph depicting who worked there and there mission as a tattoo parlor. We now have klaxons jolting every cell in my body warning me that there is no good to come from this. Ignoring all logic, we schedule a date and start making the plans.

A tattoo gun can have anywhere from 1 to 52 needles, traveling at 190 hits per second (thinktwice tattoos). There is only one...

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