Marriage Couple and Un-Marriage Couple

Marriage Couple and Un-Marriage Couple

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Marriage Couple and Un-marriage Couple

There are lots of people who live together without marrying, and the number is getting higher. Some countries protect those couples under the law. It means those couple’s right is protected. But at the same time, some of people think that their thoughts are not serious, besides they want to only enjoy. However, I believe that there are not difference thing between marriage couple and un-marriage couple.

At first, they can have children like people who register their marriage. Some people think that only people who have regular marriage can be parents. But it’s not true. Already there are lots of these type’s parents and their children. For example, about 10% of children who have un-marriage parents were born every year.

In addition, probably they get similar emotion about their partner compared to people who register their marriage. They can help each other through their life. Even though they didn’t register, it’s obvious that they are living together and influence each other. Likewise, they encourage their partner. People feel comfortable and relax with person that they love. Some of survey says, people can work well if they have good life-partner.

The last similar thing is about argument with their partner. Nowadays, almost 33% marriage couple decided to divorce of course its result is difference each country. Similarly, un-marriage couple also makes argument. Many people who have conservative mind say that un-marriage couple cannot live forever because they always fight each other and make arguments. But it’s not only for un-marriage couple. Living together may be required hard emotion training because everyone has difference personality and taste. So fighting and argument is natural thing among couples.

Some people think there are lots of different between marriage couple and un-marriage couple. Of course, some of their opinion is not wrong. However I believe that if they...

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