In the readings it was about marriage and how people see it differently. Marriage is something that should be taken seriously. When people marry, they tend to do so for the intentions of love, romance, and commitment. Some may consider it as a sacred tradition. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it is also hard to maintain. Without the right communication, trust, love and understanding marriage would not work, and it would loose the meaning of the word itself.

Communication is one of the main factors to a good marriage. It helps the two people understand and aid each other through good and rough times. To have a good successful marriage, partners have to trust each other strongly. If the trust were missing, the relationship between two would not work. To gain trust into a partner, they have to know their partner well, and for a long time, because trust is mostly earned over time.

The last thing that makes the marriage complete is love and understanding. To make the marriage successful partners have to understand each other intellectually, as well as physically. Last but not the least, what makes the marriage work is love. This is because when two people love each other dearly, they are inseparable, and they will give their all to make the marriage work.

A successful marriage is hard to make and harder to keep. It has its ups and downs, however if communication, trust, understanding and love are established, it will be easier to keep it and maybe yet improve on it. A marriage is a serious yet beautiful relationship between two people that lets two people work and live as one.

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