Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated
 By: DazJuan Weldon
 Hi my name is DazJuan I’m going to tell you about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr died on April 4, 1968. Dr. King was giving his speech about everybody being equal when he was assassinated. Dr. King was strong in his beliefs.
 By 1968, violence had edged its way into the civil rights movement. Dr. King believes that everybody in the world should be equal. Dr. King was a man not a god. He was most often over worked and overtired.

Dr. King gave his speech on Monday, March 18th. Dr.King spoke to over 15,000 people that day.Vrolenced is actually what brought king back to menship in April of 1968.

in 1957, Dr.King was elected President of the southern christian leadership conference.Dr.King was a strong worker for the civil rights for members of his race. On December 1955,he accepted the leadership of the first great negro non-violent demonstration of contemporary times in the united states.

To this day, Dr.King remains a controversial symbol of the African american civil right struggle. He is revered by many for his martyrdom on behalf of non-violence and condemned by others for his militancy and insurgent vieales .Dr. King was a loving and caring person and he love everyone.Have you ever enjoyed a day of relaxation? Have you experienced the thrill of having a day to just goof off? Has it actually happened? Has homework kept you away from that? Do you wish that you can throw it out the window and have no repercussions? The amount of homework you do wastes time, money, paper, and trees.

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