Martin Luther King Paper

Martin Luther King Paper

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On our visit to Atlanta, Georgia we made a stop that would change my life forever. On June 17, 2008 Quantum Opportunities Program to a visit to the MLK memorial. As we arrived we saw the foot prints of many African Americans who made a sacrifice for us today. There were such people as Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, and others who made it possible for blacks to live and prosper the way we do now.

After we passed there we met our tour guide who had hands on experience with MLK. His name was Reverend Williams. He marched with Dr. King and was even there when he was shot at the hotel. The first place that he took us was where Dr. King and his wife planted roses that they collect from around the world. Every year they have some sort of ceremony at the rose garden for MLK and his wife.

The second place that he took us was where MLK went to church as a child. The church was 148 yrs old and it only had 5 pastors. Dr. King’s grand father and his father were pastors of that church at one point in time. One important fact that I never knew about the church was that a young black child shot and killed Dr. Kings Mother in the church during a regular Sunday service.

We also visited the burial site where Dr. King and his wife lay together side by side. That was one of the most emotion parts of the whole entire tour. I felt some emotions because it hit me that this man who didn’t even know me died jus so I could have the same rights as white man. He gave his whole life to make a change that he would never himself get to see. That’s why I was so appreciative of the tour.

All together I believe that this was a great experience. It really opened my eyes to how grateful I am to have the rights I have and to do the things that I’m allowed and my ancestors were not. I would love to go back to the memorial anytime, and when I get older I would love to take my kids and grandchildren to the memorial also. I learned so much and still...

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