Mass Casualy

Mass Casualy

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Experience as a Casualty at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital

It was a cold 6:00 am morning at Blossom Athletic Center. The morning started fine, we were all excited looking at the different type of casualties and their pretend wounds of loosing an eye or being burned with different bone fractures. We waited about 4 hours just to get on a bus to leave at 10:00 am. Arriving at Metropolitan Methodist, we waited 30 minutes for them to setup. None of us knew that we were all casualties of a Fertilizer plant which exploded, so we were all contaminated. All of the contaminated victims needed to be sprayed with soap and water before ending up in the hospital. I asked the nurse not to wet me since I was already feeling symptoms of a cold and runny nose. I decided to play dead instead of getting wet. In all the exercise ended within an hour and we all returned to the cafeteria. Methodist had given all of us a $5 meal coupon, but unfortunately we were asked not to bring any money, so some of us could not afford our meals and rather just a snack.

Our hospital seemed very unprepared and unpleasant, but in reality who is really ready for a chemical disaster. Nobody in the hospital knew which role to play, they even had housekeeping wheel chair some of the patients. Only 1 patient got left behind in ICU for a 1 ½ hours and didn’t get much time to eat. We were all rushed form the cafeteria to wait outside since the bus was only 5 blocks away. After an hour waiting, we finally got picked up by the bus to go back to Blossom Athletic center and back home. Hopefully next year we will learn from our mistakes and maybe for Hospitals to pretend to wet us; since everything else was supposed to be an act.

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