Mass Media Gadget

Mass Media Gadget

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The Representation of American Pop Culture through Mass Media Audio -Visual
in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”

In this era of globalization; people already accustomed with the use of mass media as means of communication. The newspaper that we read, the radio that we listen, the Internet that we use, the TV news and the movies that we watch are means of communication; that we need to be updated every day, in order to catch the messages that are conveyed from the world around us. These kinds of mass, especially mass media audio visual will bring an enormous impact in our culture. And whether we like it or not, the audio – visual will play the role of the most important, dominant vectors of art and culture.

Related to the American Pop Culture, the existence of mass media audiovisual brings a huge influence Since their origins they were aimed at a popular audience, composed of immigrants from all parts of the world. They took them into their band wagons in the pursuit of their "manifest destiny," that is crossing the continent, in conditions radically different from those in which European culture and arts were created and consumed. And more importantly, most of these immigrants wanted to become Americans, as quickly as possible, and adopted, with a lesser or greater success, a common vernacular, a shared language -- it is only in the second half of this century that some more significant linguistic barriers began to reappear again. Finally, it should not be forgotten that even the privileged classes of the American society -- like the southern aristocracy or the urban upper middle class -- were in their habits, their taste and their general culture much closer to the immigrant masses than to the corresponding social strata within the European nations.

It is on these premises that the United States developed through three centuries a tradition of a mass culture unique in the world, aimed at everybody, understandable to all, with a very small common...

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