Master of Business

Master of Business

Business Ethics- Final Case Study

1. If I were to ask to be a member of a group whose goal was to raise money for the physical maintenance of American refineries before the March 2005 explosion I would purpose considerations. I would first take out a logbook with every explosive incidence that had occurred over the past few years. I also include an understanding of how combustible the chemicals are when handled and the conditions that are needed to make them stable. I would point out the necessity of top running ventilation system and the possible hazards of it not working. I would emphasis, case by case, each incident where someone was injured and the possible ramifications for the company, should they choose to sue. I would explain to the company the great responsibility they have to keep their employees safe and to let them know the grave consequences if they should choose not to apply the “safeguards” that are necessary. I would finally ask them to sign a waiver exempting me from any fault in dealing with these safety measures and recommendations in the case that a disaster were to occur.


I. Safety and Procedures
A. Combustible Materials
B. Ventilation System
C. Standards
D. Work Hazards

II. Previous Incidents
A. Plant Fires and Explosions
B. Individual Cases
C. Insurance Costs due to Safety Issues

III. Plant Improvements
A. New Ventilation
B. Offices in new safety zones
C. Safety Security Checks
D. Updated Equipment

2. I’m not sure why they did not address the real danger to their personal safety. Perhaps they were fearful of losing their jobs or were fearful that they would be looked upon as a “problem” or “an annoyance”. If I were a worker in that trailer I would go to my supervisor and explain my concerns. My first suggestion would be to move the trailer to another location, which would be out of danger from the combustible substances. I would ask that he/she take my/our safety...

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