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Cultural difference
Etiquette Difference in Daily Life between China and the Western Country

1. Introduction
Etiquette is not only a culture but also knowledge. It plays an important role of communication in our daily life. To learn different etiquette in daily life is benefit to establish the good relationship and it can help us to learn English. As we know, different country has different etiquette. Different cultural background, individualism and collectivism, nationalism and value factors may result in etiquette differences on politeness between western countries and China which can be found in many aspects of daily communication, including greeting, parting, dining, considerate remarks, addressing, compliments, apologies, thanks, invitation and saying good-bye and so on. Every nation has its own characteristics and every country has her own etiquette. We should learn from their strengths and offset our own weakness.#

2. Why to know culture difference?
Each country has his/her own culture. Culture includes knowledge, faith, art, morality, law, custom, etiquette and it is a tool that individual in society takes over ability.(胡文仲,1994:192) Learning culture of different country is very important to communicate between countries. It is also helpful to study English. With China ’s entering the WTO and will holding the Olympic Games in 2008, the relationship between China and the Western country in politics, economy and culture will become more and more close. In order to get well along with other countries and respect each other. Firstly we should understand their culture. Etiquette plays an important role in our daily life. Etiquette varies from county to country. Each country, however, can understand respect and complement each other. In this way, we are fortunate to live in a peaceful world. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that understanding the cultures, especially the etiquette culture of different countries is crucial to us. So in the...

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