Mastering a Skill - Creativity

Mastering a Skill - Creativity

GEN105 class

I think a skill that everyone could benefit from is creativity. Everyone is creative by nature, but if you can master this skill, it could be useful in every aspect of your life. Being creative can make new ideas or improve existing ideas. When you go through school you learn to strengthen your creativity throughout elementary, then when you go through middle school and high school and get jobs, we get discouraged to use our creative side and to follow instructions instead. If you can master this skill, it can be very useful in all areas of your life, but since work takes up most of your time in life, it would be most beneficial in that aspect of your life.

In business, being creative with proposals that are neat, colorful, and full of new fresh ideas appeal to most companies. If you work for an advertising company, video game company, graphics design company, or show business those companies will be more profitable with new and exciting creative ideas. Consumers like to see new exciting material all the time. Consumers are always trying new things, which always start from someone’s creative thoughts. Since consumers constantly want new products or services or improvements on existing products or services creativity would be profitable to companies.

Most businesses have procedures on how they do things or provide service. When you use your creative thinking skills towards a procedure to improve quality or time on a procedure, which can make a job easier. Even when you are making things easier for you at work and a manger approves your ideas and to enforce others to do so, you become a leader. Which could be the fastest way to get to the top of your chosen field. Management will look at you when leadership opportunities arise.

Not only can creativeness help you get noticed for more promotions and/or raises; it can help make your work be more fun and less boring. If you show your creativeness in projects that will...

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