Mat 510 Midterm

Mat 510 Midterm

Mat 510 Midterm

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Question 1
Improvement is needed for an organization to survive because:

Question 2
Understanding variation is important because variation:

Question 3

Which of the following are principles of Statistical Thinking?

Question 4

The standard deviation is:

Question 5

Process improvement activities typically include:

Question 6

In Figure 2.11, Coach Hau presented data showing where goals were scored on crosses. This produced unexpected results, in terms of where the goals came from, and helped his team determine an effective strategy on free kicks. This is an example of what principle of statistical thinking?

Question 7

Box, Hunter, and Hunter are quoted in this chapter as stating: “Data have no meaning in themselves; they are meaningful only in relation to a conceptual model of the phenomenon studied.” This critical point is related to which of the following principles of statistical thinking?

Question 8

The fact that processes tend to be dynamic, rather than static, is a key principle of statistical thinking. Which of the following is a natural consequence of this fact?

Question 9

Figure 2.16 shows a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1990 through 2011. This plot reveals some obvious change points, such as the 2008 financial collapse, and some unexplainable short-term variation. Assuming that these are the only sources of variation in this plot, what source of variation is NOT visible in the plot?

Question 10

In the advertising case study, the unexpected “V” shaped pattern in the plot of advertising dollars versus sales indicated what?

Question 11

Figure 2.15 displays a model of the statistics discipline, showing the relationship between statistical...

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