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Im going to talk about the ten advices for companies deciding to use social media, this was the last part of the article.

The vast world of social media is one that is constantly changing and renewing, what may be up-to-date today could very well be obsolete tomorrow, it is therefore very important for companies to have a set of guidelines applicable to any form of social media, and seeing as social media has both a social and a media component these advices have been split up into two groups, 5 points about using media and 5 points about being social.
Let’s start with the “using media” advices
1. Choose carefully
If a company want to start being active with social media it is important to choose the right medium, because different social media applications usually attracts different kinds of users, and obviously you, as a company, want to be active wherever your customers are present.
For example if your target audience is people who love to cook and love food, a content community via which people share recepies and food related tips will likely be better suited for you than a virtual world which centers on killing elves and dragons.

2. Pick the application, or make your own
Once you have figured out what medium would work best for you, the next question you should ask yourself is do you make or buy, in many cases, it might best to join an already existing social media application that already is popular and has an existing community, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel”

But when you are to choose which social media application to use, think about where your customers are
For example if you are a company selling Christian literature and your target audience are christians, you probably shouldn’t be putting your social media energy on being active on, instead you’d probably have more success on a site like, which is basically a christian facebook-like site.

3. Ensure activity alignment
Sometimes you may...

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