MATH 533 Course Tutorial/snaptutorial

MATH 533 Course Tutorial/snaptutorial

MATH 533 Entire Course
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MATH 533 Week 1 Quiz
MATH 533 Week 2 DQ 1 Case Let's Make a Deal
MATH 533 Week 2 Homework (2 Sets)
MATH 533 Week 2 Quiz
MATH 533 Week 3 DQ 1 Ethics in Statistics Readings and Discussion
MATH 533 Week 3 Homework
MATH 533 Final Exam Set 1
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(TCO D) PuttingPeople2Work has a growing business placing out-of-work MBAs. They claim they can place a client in a job in their field in less than 36 weeks. You are given the following data from a sample.
Sample size: 100
Population standard deviation: 5
Sample mean: 34.2
Formulate a hypothesis test to evaluate the claim. (Points : 10)

Ans. b.
H0 must always have equal sign, < 36 weeks

2. (TCO B) The Republican party is interested in studying the number of republicans that might vote in a particular congressional district. Assume that the number of voters is binomially distributed by party affiliation (either republican or
MATH 533 Final Exam Set 2
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TCO A) Seventeen salespeople reported the following number of sales calls completed last month.

72 93 82 81 82 97 102 107 119
86 88 91 83 93 73 100 102

a. Compute the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation, Q1, Q3, Min, and Max for the above sample data on number of sales calls per month.
b. In the context of this situation, interpret the Median, Q1, and Q3. (Points : 33)
MATH 533 Week 1 Homework
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1. Complete the table to the right.
2. In one university, language incorporated a 10-week...

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