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Math, Physics, El

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The Truth about Free to Air and DishNetwork!

By Tony Zamboni Just reporting the News!

The Truth about Free to Air and DishNetwork!
Here’s the never before told truth about free 2 air systems and how it relates to DishNetwork. There are a lot of misconceptions of what free 2 air is and we intend to educate you on it and the industry in general. First we will be giving you an introduction on what satellite systems are and then continue onto what you can and cannot do with them. I hope that you enjoy this read and of course give you a disclaimer that we don’t condone stealing encrypted programming and this book is for informational purposes only. With that done let’s get into the material.

Free To Air - FTA Satellite Receiver Systems
Free To Air Satellite TV systems provided a variety of niche programming for those seeking foreign language, ethnic, and religious programming. There is some traditional television programming, but FTA satellite TV does not replace Dish Network, DirecTV, or your Basic Cable TV service. To get an idea of the type of programming available it is best to check out this website and this website

FTA Dishes on Display Mounts

FTA uses the international MPEG2 Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standard. DVB Satellite TV offers a superior image quality. For most channels, this results in the best non HD TV you will witness. Free To Air Satellite TV Systems use a dish larger then your basic DirecTV or Dish Network dish, but usually always under 1 meter in size.

Motorized Mount There are numerous receivers’ available and motorized mounts that allow users to take advantage of all the programming from various satellites, although most dishes are fixed on one satellite. A motorized mount is powered through the same coax that carries the satellite signal from the dish to the receiver.

The device located at the front of the receiver is called an...

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