Mathod Used to Get to Know Each Other

Mathod Used to Get to Know Each Other

Analysis of Team Charter

For a learning to work effectively together they must get to know each other’s personally and to know how each one works professional. A method that is used to for team members to get to know each other is having a discussion that will allow team members to do self-assessment analysis this will allow team members show their skills, abilities, and there interests. When all the self-assessment is completed the team can create a LTC this will state the team’s mission and will allow the team to reflect and strengthen their performance.

“Chartering is the procedure by which a team meets at the beginning of its process to describe its mission or task, set its goals, secure commitment by members to the achievement of those goals, make its plans, and allocate its resources (University of Phoenix, 2004, pg. 7). When the LTC is complete the mission that applies to all LTC is for all team members to take part in the team that will let them use their level of skills and personality. Working as a team will allow the team members to improve their performance as they get the knowledge and experience from the team.

Delegating is an important part of teams meeting their goals, objectives, and completing the work successfully. Teams should delegate assignments according to each team member’s skills and personality. Using the Jungian 16-Type Personal is a good self-assessment for team members to use. The ISTJ trustworthy and organize members can be made the most by organizing the team in a beneficial way and taking control as the team leader. The ENFP members would be beneficial to the team by encouragement and having a positive outlook and on the work in progress. ENFP personalities are more talkative and they are able to sway members to be optimistic about the outcomes by helping them their self. Because ENFP are talkative people they are able to take charge for oral and public speaking.

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