Maxican Resturant

Maxican Resturant

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Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant is located in a mature business district in New England. The atmosphere allows for people to get a real taste for Mexican food. The menu consists of twenty three main entrees prepared from eight basic stocks and a variety of ingredients. The restaurant is limited in seating and in parking, but the food and the atmosphere make up for the wait and/or parking. Due to the limited seating in the restaurant there can be a substantial wait for the customers. On some occasions, the wait can be as long as forty-five minutes on Friday and Saturday nights. If there is a wait, there is not waiting area for customers, so they mainly have to wait outside. To add to this problem, the restaurant does not take reservations.

Typically, the amount of time needed to prepare a meal once an order has been taken is twelve minutes. According to customer surveys filled out during the busy times on Friday and Saturday nights, the majority of people were satisfied with the overall dinning experience. For instance, sixty seven customers thought the dinning experience was worth the money and only sixteen said that it was not. Where customers seemed to be the most unhappy according to this survey was on the delivery time of their food to the table. Only a little more than half of the customers thought that their wait time for getting their food was acceptable.

Purpose: Nearly every one has eaten at a small ethnic restaurant and you can recount your collective experience to flesh out the unspoken issues presented in the case There is sufficient description of the process to spark considerable discussion as to how the nature of the process (and the internal customer chain) interacts with the external customer's perception of quality. You need to develop definitions and measures of quality from several perspectives and then think of how to integrate these different views. A discussion of the restaurant's...