Mayan Culture

Mayan Culture

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Anthropology Class

The Mayan Culture

The Mayan culture is a very distinctive way of life that has reached much popularity with the outside world. It is a rich historic way of life that captures our imagination to the point of even making films about it. But more than fame is its natural, breath-taking geography, its humble living, astonishing apparel, food and religious practices that captures our curiosity and interest in learning more about this wonderful civilization. Although much modernized today the Mayan culture still retains much of its ancestral roots and practices. I would like to emphasize on some key features of this culture by describing the importance in the Mayan culture and what role they play.

The Mayan culture varies in many ways form any other culture on this planet. A few examples are its food, and its folkloric attire. Where most of other culture’s food is mostly of blend flavors Mayan food has a wild variety of spiciness, sourness, saltiness and sweetness. As well as many different kinds of meats including fish, poultry, beef, pork, deer, dove, wild hog, rabbit and wild turkey. As the following website describes, "" __ they use a heavy combination of vegetables and spices with their meats. Whereas most other cultures mainly revolve around chicken, beef, pork and fish. The food in the Mayan family takes an important role. Every time food is served is considered a time for family to get together and commune. That’s why after centuries of following this tradition the Mayans have one of the strongest family bonds known of any culture.

In the Mayan culture, dating and Marriage customs are mostly the same except with a few differences. Some are that the Boyfriend and Girlfriend can’t be alone under any circumstances. They may be together and hang out together but not putting themselves in a compromising position. The...

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