Maybelline Vs Revlon

Maybelline Vs Revlon

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October 5, 2014

Maybelline vs Revlon
The ads for both advertisements for makeup were different in a few ways.
Maybelline offers more shades than Revlon.
Maybelline offers more shades that are light to dark.
Revlon’s shades are very limited in light shades.
Maybelline is Matte and will be shinier than the Revlon.
I found the Maybelline Advertisement by searching Yahoo images.
The photo is realistic. It doesn’t have much color. There is a small background of buildings in the corner.
The text in the advertisement says: Come Closer Matte Perfection This Airsoft must be touched Meet Dream
Matte Mousse Foundation. Only this air-whipped mousse can bring you such an amazing air-lift
feel. Blends so evenly, perfects completely. It’s like no makeup you’ve ever tried…. or applied
Available in 12 matte-perfecting shades
The font is large in some places and small in other places.
The images and text do overlap. But it doesn’t take anything away from the ad.
The ad is laid out with the makeup on the right side and the model wearing it on the other side.
The most important thing in the advertisement is the makeup.
The audience being targeted for this product is teenage girls and women.
The model in the advertisement, wearing the makeup is what shows the ad is being targeted to
The advertisement makes you believe if you wear this brand, your face will soft and smooth.
The company wants the audience to feel irresistible by wearing their makeup.
By the way the model looks and the words in the advertisement.

I found the Revlon ad by searching Google images.
The photo is very realistic. It shows the model laying on a couch with neutral colors in the
The text in the ad says: New Colorstay Whipped Crème Makeup. 24 hours. Feels like silk on
Finally, truly, decadent makeup offers ultimate performance.
The mousse like texture feels like silk on your skin.
And the time release formula balances...

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