Mayo Hospital Lahore Pakistan

Mayo Hospital Lahore Pakistan

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The Grandeur of old Italian folk preserved in Delhi stone brackets, a slopped state roof with ventilating turrets, this double storied building constructed in 1871 is nation-wide famous, the Mayo Hospital.
It was founded by donations from philanthropists and generous grants from the then Government of Punjab, to the tune of Rs.285648/-. The Hospital named after the Earl of Mayo started catering to the needs of patients from all nook and corner of the city resulting in better patient care and also providing medical students and young doctors scores of cases for study and experience.
The renowned architect Purdon designed the building and Roy Bahadur Kanhaya Lal was the engineer.
This biggest and the oldest teaching hospital, being the most busiest place, is the first choice of ailing humanity and stands out as a tower of hope for the city and the country. Rapid urbanization, improved means of communications and trying law and order situations make working of the hospital very complex and intricate.
For all variety of diseases, the hospital acts as primary, secondary and tertiary health care centre. Simple surgery, coronary by-pass and advanced neurosurgical procedures, are all offered here.
An effective and efficient short term and long term planning is the essence of the strategy of management of the hospital which is a standard health care mix for promotive, preventive, rehabilitative and curative services.
In the recent past, the Government of the Punjab granted financial and administrative autonomy to all teaching hospitals including the Mayo from July 1999. King Edward Medical College, Mayo Hospital, Lady Willingdon Hospital and the Lady Aitchison hospital are managed by one Chief Executive.
This unit has its own Institutional Management Committee comprising of the Chief Executive, the Principal, the Medical Superintendent and the Director Finance.

Main Building of Mayo Hospital

Emergency & Accidents Department


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