Mazda Case Study

Mazda Case Study

NAME: DATE DUE: 1/28/14
BSAD 206 Homework – Mazda Case Study

Go to: and click on the Student Edition link in the left column. Next, click on the Case Studies link and then select Mazda Positioning a Product Line. Read the case and answer these questions.

1. Analyze the role of integrated marketing communications in the marketing of automobiles such as the Mazda Protegé and MAZDA6. How is each IMC element used to market automobiles?

Integrated marketing communications can play a big role in the marketing of automobiles. By utilizing all of the different tools into one cohesive campaign, you can create a very powerful and efficient way to market automobiles. With all the competition out there, the car manufacturers need to efficiently market their products to the people who are most likely to buy them.

2. Evaluate Mazda’s decision to drop the “Get In. Be Moved’ tagline for the Protegé and adopt the “Zoom-Zoom”
theme for its advertising.

I personally like the idea of “Get In. Be Moved”, but don’t feel it was used to its potential. As far as switching to Zoom-Zoom, I think they did a good job of using it to regain their identity of a company that makes fun to drive cars. I think it was a good decision to gradually phase out the Get In. Be Moved tagline

3. Evaluate the strategy Mazda is using to advertise the new MAZDA6 sports sedan. Do you agree with the decision to use a more mature and less playful approach for the MAZDA6?

I think it was a wise choice to use a more mature and less playful approach to the MAZDA6. The mid-size sedan segment is an important one and people buying in that range are typically a little more conservative. I think the idea to align themselves with ESPN was a good one because I’m sure a large part of their target audience has some form of interacton with ESPN.

4. What recommendations would you make to Mazda regarding its integrated marketing...

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