Mba 510

Mba 510

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The team gathered data from several resources to support US World Bank needs to deal with customers’ cultural preferences in all its worldwide locations to maintain customers’ loyalty in advertising and marketing the non-coffee drinker and the need to enhance this variable to ensure market shares among non-coffee drinkers.

The data supports the need for Starbucks to enhance the company’s advertising and marketing of the non-coffee drinker to remain competitive in the coffee industry. Furthermore, the team has acquired data supporting the competition of Starbuck market shares with the non-coffee drinker population.

Independent and Dependent Variables

The dependent variable used for this project will be the lack of commercial advertising of Starbucks to remain a competitive in the industry with non-coffee drinkers and the independent variables will be the non-coffee drinker target groups; (1) married couples age 25-54, (2) school children, and (3) young adults 18-24 (see Appendix A). The key to using these variables are accurate and reliable data. Valid data is also reliable data, but reliable data is not always valid data (Cooper & Schindler, 2003, p. 235).
Primary and Secondary Data
Primary data will be taken from Starbucks Marketing Strategic Plan, titled “The Non-Coffee Treat” 2004, by A5 Consulting Group, which provides detailed information regarding the market shares of the non-coffee drinker. The high-level of data from this strategic plan shows valid and reliable data about the efforts of Starbucks to reach the non-coffee drinker to increase market shares in the industry of Frappuccion line products. The collected data also focused on (1) cultural preferences, (2) population of interest, and (3) competition pricing.
In addition, the primary data will also provide information on survey sampling conducted by employees of Starbucks to gather information on the atmosphere of Starbucks Coffee Shops.
Secondary data can save...

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