Mba 590 - Hk Problem Solution

Mba 590 - Hk Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Harrison-K Inc.

HK is facing many issues with the new concept of e-book publishing and is trying to overcome the lack of appropriate plans put into place strategies to overcome these challenges (University of Phoenix, 2006, para. 1).HK principle means to achieve such a goal would be to put processes and systems into place to help the organization with its project management.

HK will need to put different tactics into place such as a project control process, an integrated information system, project monitoring systems, and technical performance management in order to ensure successful project control and implementation. If HK establishes these processes, it can meet its goals of becoming a leader in the publishing industry and sustaining a competitive advantage over others in its industry.

Describe the Situation

Issue and Opportunity Identification

HK, Inc. is currently experiencing problems with project control tactics. Examples of these problems include missed deadlines, no backup plans, some staff members not understanding the processes and not having performance management checks and balances. In order to be able to correctly measure project performance, HK has to have project control. Control holds people accountable, prevents small problems from mushrooming into large problems, and keeps focus (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 411). The company will not know how to take corrective action if it does not realize what or who is causing the issues. William Guardo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), asks, “What about a back-up plan? I’m presuming you wouldn’t outsource and not plan for contingencies?” (University of Phoenix, 2007, para. 1). HK did not have a plan put into place to take control of the project which caused more problems for the company. HK can develop project control to recognize when issues are arising so that corrective action can be taken before they become problems. Having project control will also help the...

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