Mba for Employmentt

Mba for Employmentt

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MBA Degree Improves Chance for Suitable Employment
Katrina Martin
University of Phoenix

MBA Degree Improves Chance for Suitable Employment
Will pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree improve ones chances of finding suitable employment? Will it give the one who pursues it an unfair advantage? Is the pursuit worth the time and expense required to obtain an MBA? Addressing these issues will facilitate ones understanding while weighing the pros and cons in the decision making process. After reviewing both sides of the issue, one should be able to make a reasonable decision for future direction.
Opponents would argue that you “learn more by working in a business with hands on experience than sitting in a class where you deal with mostly theoretical and not real world experiences.” (Clark, 2007, p.1) There are influential CIO’s that do not hold an MBA degree. Although this is true, “Obtaining the MBA has many benefits: the opportunity to increase your salary, to advance in your career, and to meet and develop a rapport with influential executives and colleagues in your industry.” (Conde, n.d., p.1)
What issues will you consider while contemplating going back to school for an MBA? How will the time you return to school play a part? Will you go to school fulltime or part-time while staying in your current job? If you go to school fulltime, it will take two or more years to complete and even longer if you go part-time. Consider the cost of completing an MBA. Is it really worth the disruption, time and cost. It is unquestionably yes.
What could possibly be the motivating factors that will cause you to rethink your situation to return to school? In this economy, considering changing careers that would afford you more responsibility, pay and leverage is a positive move. Having an “MBA is a career accelerator across a number of industries and MBA graduates can usually...

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