Mba Sylabus

Mba Sylabus

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Paper Name: Business Policy & Strategic Management

Paper Code: M301 Marks: 60

Unit 1: Introduction and Overview of Strategic Management: Understanding Strategy and Strategic Decisions- Definition and Importance; Difference between Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning; Levels at which Strategy Operates; Strategic Management Process; Strategists role ; Strategic Intent- Vision, Mission and Objectives, Corporate Governance.

Unit 2: The Business Environment: Introduction ; External Environment: Mega and Micro Factors, The International Environment; Tools for External Environment Scanning and Analysis-ETOP, Scenario Analysis; Industry and Competitive Analysis- Porters Model, Strategic Groups; The Internal Environment; Resource- Based Approach; Capability and Core Competences; Tools for Internal Environment Analysis- Value Chain Analysis, Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Advantage Profile.

Unit 3: Strategic Alternatives and Choice: Corporate Level Strategies- Grand Strategy; Portfolio Strategy and Corporate Parenting; Expansion, Stability and Retrenchment; Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships; Competitive Strategies- Business Level Strategies; Competing in Foreign Markets; Gaining Competitive advantages; Subjective Factors of Strategic Choice.

Unit 4: Strategy Implementation: Functional Area Strategies; Structural Issue in Implementation; Behavioural Issues- Managing Change, Corporate Culture and Leadership.

Unit 5: Evaluation and Control: Evaluation Criteria; Control Process; Strategic and Operational Control.

Recommended Books:

1. Essentials of Strategic Management, Wheelen & Hunger.


2. Strategic Management & Business Policy, Azhar Kazmi, TataMcgraw Hill

Paper Name: Macro Economic Analysis

Paper Code: M302...

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