Mba Week2

Mba Week2

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An MBA Degree: A Tool for Career Success

University of Phoenix
An MBA Degree: A Tool for Career Success

Many have the belief that when it comes to career advancement experience and accomplishments should be of more importance that a college degree. While this opinion is valid in some cases, there are many other situations where a degree, specifically an MBA degree, will provide the student with the tools and validation in order reach higher career goals. I am pursuing an MBA in order to achieve goals in my career which include promotion into senior management and an increase in salary in order to provide a lifestyle for my family. The attainment of this degree will be tool in achieving these goals in two main ways; a MBA degree is a minimum level of educational achievement in man organizations for the type of positions I want to have and the knowledge gained from the course of study will provide skills to be successful.

To rise above the ranks of first line and middle management a graduate level degree is almost a necessity. While many positions in management do not list a masters degree as a requirement, the types of roles usually prefer candidates who have achieved this level of academic accomplishment. Research has shown that an MBA degree is a good predictor of career success, measured by promotion and salary (Wellman, Gowan & White, 2006) Obtaining this degree will make me competitive within the field of candidates vying for these senior level management positions.

After taking the Jungian Personality assessment (Robbins, 2007), believe this program of study will serve to strengthen some weak areas in my skill sets and provide knowledge that can turn my natural personality traits into major assets. The results of the assessment reinforced my own beliefs about my personality, the result of INTP revealed strengths in conceptual thinking and problem solving. By combining these strengths with the quantitative aspects of the MBA program can help me...

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