Mcdonald's: Where to Go from Here?

Mcdonald's: Where to Go from Here?

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1. What were the objectives of the various 'McDonald's campaigns' discussed in the case?, "You deserve a break today," "Two all beef patties . . . ," Campaign '55, Beanie Babies, and Monopoly?

“You deserve a break today” : The objective was to think positively about the product, cause warm, fuzzy feeling about the brand. Also to get to feel that McDonalds is not only a typical restaurant, but a place for relaxation and a place where you can enjoy your time and have a break, and may cause the consumer to think, “We haven’t been to McDonald’s for a while, let’s go there for lunch”.

“Two all beef patties ….”: The Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. This Ballad of Big Mac was sung by Hoyt Axton (American country music singer), has the objective to let the consumers able to recite the phrase in under 4 seconds. So that everyone cannot only be aware of Big Mac, but also easily know the components of the Big Mac in details. And people will be humming the song all the time, which is about a sandwich’s components !

“Campaign ’55”: The objective is to let people know that some items are now for 55 cents only. And also 55 refers to the year 1955, when McDonalds was first established. So it also shows maturity of the brand.

“Beanie Babies”: Those were giveaways that were given with the kids meals. The objective was to target kids, which are very addicted to Beanie babies, and will need to have McDonalds meal immediately to get the Beanie Babies.

“Monopoly”: The objective is have a clear cut ad, based on the understanding of the Monoppoly game. So there were prizes like cars, Citi Bank Visa Cards, Apple Macintosh computer when buying McDonlads meals. So the objective was to let the consumers who are into Board games to get excited for winning prizes in such a way.

2. How could McDonald’s have pre-tested the campaign ’55 advertising?
Tests are usually done to measure two things: communication effects...

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