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During the nineteenth century, in Britain and the United States, gender was a matter for much public discussion and debate. ‘The Woman Question’ as it was called, focused on whether gender should be a factor for granting or limiting rights, like voting rights.

It also focused attention on men and male social roles, asking the question about the nature and function of gender. Is gender innate and biological? Is it the product of socialization and environment? Is the family structure (one father, one mother, and kids) eternal, universal, divinely-ordained, natural – or socially constructed and thus variable? These were – and are – central questions, not only for politics and economics, but for anthropology, psychology, and all of what we call the social sciences.

But with the passage of time comes an evolution in feminism, the post-feminist theory. It is defined as, “moving beyond or rejecting some of the earlier ideas of feminism as out of date”.

Take Budweiser beer (Appendix CD) for an example, the video was showed in an online video network,, on how Budweiser producer want women or rather be sex to use as a message that may extract their target audience.

Budweiser has long since been famous for their advertising campaigns. With a new, more urban approach, Budweiser has opened the door for a much needed new target. In addition, Budweiser is positioning themselves as maintaining and solidifying the communion between beer and sports. Budweiser is an integral part in this ritual. Meanwhile, to emphasize this essence, the advertisement tapped into a phrase, turning it into a symbol of the beer. The drink is "true" to "true" friends, a "true" lifestyle and "true"times. "True" connotes authenticity, loyalty, honesty, dependability, sincerity and appropriateness all bundled up in simplicity. It is the perfect word that embodies all the traits deemed important by this new target audience of young generation.

However, for this particular...

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