Me in 20 years

Me in 20 years

My life in twenty years

Though this period of twenty years is negligibly small on the evolutionary time scale, it is, when considered in terms of man's span of life, a considerably long period. My friends frown upon my pessimistic attitude so I shall be optimistic when I think of what life has in store for me. If everything remains equal, I would be comfortably off and be pleasantly, burdened with responsibilities.
My physical energy would be very much diminished and 1 would have retired from football. I hope to be a veteran badminton player, playing doubles at least twice a week. Perhaps I would not take to golf, even if I have the opportunity, for badminton is my second passion today, football being the first. I could be mentally restless and I would have developed a few hobbies and orchid-growing will be one of them. I would be inviting friends to play bridge with me on Sundays and we would he absorbed in the game, unaware of the world around, like the lotus-eaters.

Now I find myself wildly enthusiastic about everything I do and I have made great plans for the future. I have variously decided to become a pilot, a journalist, an officer, a teacher and a doctor. I wonder how many of my dreams will be realized. In twenty years, I shall be thirty six. At the age of thirty six. I would have chosen one occupation and stuck to it. At the moment, the prospect of a routine life terrifies me. but at thirty six, any other way of living would be difficult.
In spite of all my protestations of remaining a bachelor. I have a feeling that I will be married and be having children by then. I would probably have not more than two or three children. I shall probably have a couple of girls and a boy. I really am not in a position to say anything definite about the kind of woman I am going to marry. Probably I shall be married to a very quiet but intelligent woman who is very practical, efficient. understanding and realistic in her attitudes.

Perhaps I would have...

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